Well we definatley think yes its mainly more the question of how you and which one are you planning to wear?Also how you combine them, which cloth are you wearing ?

This is a  short unconconvetnional guide of how to wear men bracelets.

While jewellery and accessories are a majpr part of a womens wardrobe , men accesssoireis normally reach a view low preices watches , maybe a better one , a pair of cufflink you never wear and well you might have been travelling bought some mussel necklaces which you havent put on since you back from Thailand… However we think thats not quiet it . There is room for a nice men bracelet doesnt need to be the cleassic leather bracelet with chrome link. There are amazing other materials reaching from the basic wax cotton to paracrod ..

Gold and Silver bracelets for men:

Gold bracelets as well as silver bracelets are the most common types,  however this might also mainly be due to the fact that they use valuable materials and therefore per se add value to your outfit. However you should be very careful how to combine those as the look very quickly cheese and simply awful . We have a nice selection of good ones here on MJ so have a look.

Classical leather bracelets for men:

There  are plenty of modest colours , classical weavings and even a viewe more interestng brighter colours . Its a bit boring as most men who wear armwrist go for this option but its still a classic and wear nicely off over the years .

Wax cotton bracelets:

This one i rellay love. It comes thinner then leather and has a nice precice feel as even the 1mm is lareadty clearly multithread . The wax gives it a nice tough and protects it for a while . This said it certainly wears less nicely off than the leather as once the wax is gone its more like a basic cotton rod araound your wrist . Also it looks less valuable then leather . Positiv you can get it in plenty of colours with lots of amazing bright ones aswell.

Paracord bracelets :

Paracord is one of the ropes which came from the functional side. Similar to climbing rods or nautical ropes its aesthetic shows its functional feel. In the army so;diers would knot a special pattern to carry a bracelts which contains up to 2m functional strong enogut to hang a human rope around there wrist . there are various strand types  7-913 however therer are now also thin 3 sstrand once whcih with less diamtere of only 2mm have agreat aestetic for bracelets for men . Tehey come in a mansing britght and deep colours and the syntetic farbic gives it a bright silky  shine and long lastign .

Climbing Bracelets:

Climbing bracelets use climbing ropes so fairyl similar to paracorsd bracelets. However there are amazing brands doing unconventional combinations. One of our favorites is Mensai where the combine a hand made hook with climbing ropes and create a fashion bracelet for men which has also a very nautical feel to it .

Nautical Bracelets :

Certainly one of our fiavorite choices. Nautical Bracelets combine the beauty of high quality ropes with nicely crafted solid carabiner, anchors and hooks to  creat an unconventional mix of components for a great nautical Bracelet. One of our favorite brands is SALTI which is a small independant shop on etsy crafting beautiful well made pieces .


Kabbalah Bracelet, 7.5 inches by Love & Lucky

Kabbalah Bracelet, 7.5 inches by Love & Lucky

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